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Monday, June 13, 2011
A Fearful Treat of Unresolve @ 4:12 PM

It is not often that a complete stranger compliments you on your appearance, but when it happens we swell with pride and carry our heads a little higher. Yet when someone you know recognizes you for something it doesn’t mean as much. Why would more value be placed on a stranger’s opinion than that of someone close to you? Perhaps it’s because you hear it all too often that it doesn’t hold the same meaning for you anymore. Or could it be the person giving the admiration? I know if it’s a shady older gentleman the comment is taken negatively, whereas if it is a child you smile and thank them. What about the person close to you when they praise you for something, why has it lost its value?

We were created for companionship. So why do we pull away like a knee jerk reaction to something painful. Perhaps it’s because they know us and what we want to hear. They tell you how beautiful you are, but we scoff and move on. They know the nasty bits; they’re close enough to know what pains you. A stranger gets what’s on the surface; a warm handshake, then the release. Why do we squirm and attempt to wriggle out of the holding of that hand, like it’s uncomfortable to do so. Injury after injury has caused us to recoil from one another, continually adding bricks to the walls we build for ourselves. Our mask is so perfectly placed upon our face, and then we meet the one who easily places a crack in our façade. We fight, scream, and try our best to escape, fearing that after the mask is removed they will hate what they see. Refusal to show anyone what we feel goes against the worlds standards.

Our faith, abuse, hate, self esteem issues, depression, rape, cutting, disease, finances, interests, anything that defies perfection and what the world says you should be lies open bare. It’s as if you’re naked in the dark but you know a million eyes are on you. A warm hand slips into yours and grips you tightly, fighting, screaming, and writhing to get away. You’re pulled in close and warm arms envelop you, the struggle continues- it’s too painful to share. Gradually you stop straining against the embrace, you welcome it, and then you embrace them yourself. They won’t run, they’ve seen the dirty parts, the bits we keep to ourselves, and they don’t care. They love every part of you, they tell you how much they love the messy parts- you don’t believe them at first, but gradually you do. The shattered pieces of mask are tossed into the trash, and all of you can finally shine through. The world hates it and tries to break you down, but hand in hand with the one who shattered that mask you shove the world aside and step out of the darkness proudly.

Hand envelops hand, as one heart calls to another.

i shall be telling this with a sigh
somewhere ages and ages hence:

two roads diverged in a wood, and i -
i took the one less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference.

the art of uncertainty.