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Sunday, June 12, 2011
Forever & Always @ 11:12 AM

Stolen glances under a soft moonlight night,
Bodies as nimble as a humming bird’s flight gliding across the floor.
Lips pressed together softly, causing heads to spin,
Worlds to stop then begin again.
Picnics of strawberries in the sun,
The sweet scent of sweat emanating off one’s skin.
Talks of friends and family late into the night,
The soft sound of breathing as one fell asleep.
Beams of sunlight dance across a sleeping face,
A nimble kiss placed upon a smooth cheek.
Paintings and photos hung carefully,
Each one a moment remembered together.
Harsh words spoken with rage,
Anger radiates loudly.
Bitter tears brushed away with soft hands,
The brush of hair behind an ear,
Whispered apologies, a stolen kiss.
An inside joke at the expense of a passerby,
Sweet laughter engulfs the senses.
Smiles as hands slip into one another,
Stepping into the future together.
Forever & Always.

i shall be telling this with a sigh
somewhere ages and ages hence:

two roads diverged in a wood, and i -
i took the one less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference.

the art of uncertainty.