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Thursday, November 3, 2016
Fernweh @ 9:58 AM

"Then something woke up inside him, & he wished to go and see the great mountains, & hear the pine-trees & the waterfalls, & explore the caves, & wear a sword instead of a walking-stick."

I have spent the last month living out of a suitcase.  Although on a business trip, my need to explore new environments has been more than satiated.  The places I have seen were not on my list of places I wanted to go, but I enjoyed them nonetheless.  The beauty and wonder of Pennsylvania has captured my heart and drawn forth a creativity that had since been staunched.

As I write on this dreary and cold fall day I can not help but admire the scenery around me.  The history of this state as well as the landscape has put an awe and a thankfulness in me.  I have seen the tourist attractions of Philadelphia,have explored the backwoods and hidden museums of the mountains.  I have encountered all kinds of wildlife, but I find the most beauty in the stillness of the landscape.  When all sound but the wind and rustling of the leaves remain.  The great expanse of fields and trees fill my vision, I am but a ranger traveling through the woods onto my next adventure.

  In my spare time I sit in a warm coffee shop with a steaming cup and a book of a realm forgotten.  Why does the north always instill such marvel in me?  Is it because home is too green, flat and lacking seasons?  Could it be the history and secrets of the forests here that hold such sway over me?  I could travel the world forever if I had my loved ones with me.  As I return south in a few days time, I will drink up the cold weather and colors of the north. I will attempt to bring home the creativity and wonder this journey has brought me.

"Roads go ever ever on,
Under cloud and under star.
Yet feet that wandering have gone
Turn at last to home afar.
Eyes that fire and sword have seen,
And horror in the halls of stone
Look at last on meadows green,
And trees and hills they long have known"

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the art of uncertainty.
i shall be telling this with a sigh
somewhere ages and ages hence:

two roads diverged in a wood, and i -
i took the one less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference.